Coming soon!

ruth1275cMy new novel, Daughter of the Howling Moon, is due to be released late this year from Pen-L Publishing. I’m proud of everything I write, but this book is extra-special to me. For one thing, all of it was channeled. From the first word to the last, I depended on my character, Bethany Ann to give me her story. It wasn’t until the 12th chapter that she trusted me enough to tell me where this story was headed. Until then, she’d only given me one chapter at a time.

DHM_FrontCover_9-2-14 (2)While I always channel my characters and story, Daughter of the Howling Moon is the only book that I absolutely had no idea what-so-ever where it was going, the characters, or how it would end up.

Wait until you see what Bethany Ann finally shared with me!



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4 Responses to Coming soon!

  1. Duke Pennell says:

    Ruth, you do have style! Dang, girl, this is great! Folks will get shivers just from the sight of that banner. And if that doesn’t do it, wait’ll they get their hands on Daughter of the Howling Moon. Wow!


  2. Linda Apple says:

    Awesome!!!! It is so you, beautiful and mysterious! LOVE IT!


  3. truthsbyruth says:

    Thanks, Duke. That banner of the cat eyes gave me the chills too. I love it and am using it for my brand. Still keeping the cowboy boots and witch hat brand for the my unicorns and fairies. But the cat eyes are for my dragons and gargoyles!


  4. Looks really great Ruth.


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