Don’t Piss Off a Cowgirl!

Truths by Ruth


A lot of you know that I’ve been writing the Adventures of Dixie Dandelion for years now. Dixie came to me while I was penning my first novel, Soldiers From the Mist. She came in so forceful that I had to write her words. However, because I broke one of the “rules” of writing and pitched Soldiers to a New York agent before I was finished with the book, I panicked and dropped Dixie until Soldiers was done. Before I could get back with her, a fantastic opportunity came my way to write a paranormal romance for the Wild Rose Press. Alas, Dixie, again got put on the back-burner so that I could write The Rook and the Raven. After this I fully intended to get back with the fiery Dixie, but Bethany Ann from Daughter of the Howling Moon dropped on me like a spring tornado. Once again, Dixie…

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