Truths by Ruth

Odd Thomas

I’ve been doing a lot of reading lately.

I’ve fallen in love with Dean Koontz’s Odd Thomas books. For those of you not familiar with Odd Thomas, here is a nutshell rendition:

Odd Thomas likes to think that he’s just a young, ordinary guy who works as a fry cook, when he works. The love of his life was a beautiful girl, Stormy. (Notice, I said, was.) However, Oddie is far from ordinary. First of all there’s his name, Odd Thomas. It was supposed to be Todd Thomas but there was a mistake made on his birth certificate where the T got dropped so his legal name is Odd. Since that name fits him better than Todd I wonder if Fate interceded in the birth certificate screw-up.(Isn’t this a wonderful creative twist that Dean Koontz thought of?) Second, Odd sees dead people. They seek him out. The ghost of Elvis…

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