Truths by Ruth


I’m in the process of moving from one town to another. This is a relief. The move cuts my expenses in half. Of course this means I’m forced to move all my stuff.
Just what is this “stuff” I speak about? Here’s the short list:

Enough shoes to start my own Payless store. Not that I ever wear them. They’re just pretty.
At least twenty jackets: sweater jackets, winter jackets, windbreakers. You think I exaggerate? Nope, they could float a battleship. I think they fornicated in that dark closet and made little wool babies that grew to adulthood on the wire hangers.
Plastic table cloths. Why? I never eat at the table. (I think the jackets lured them in.)
Paid receipts and bills from the beginning of time.
Old curtain rods.
Wrapping paper with only a few sheets left on the roll. And gift bags.
Dishes! Holy cow. It’s just…

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