LIFE WITH WEEBLES-Take 3: Gymnastics with Dogs

Truths by Ruth


Weebles has two dogs, a boxer named Mazie and a little something or other named Daisy. Now, I am a dog person. Had dogs all my life, and I enjoy them. I’ve been known to walk up and pet a stray just because he has a smiling face and wagging tail. However, for the last decade I’ve been living with cats. Sorry to say, this has ruined me for most dogs. Cats rule. Period. So you can imagine the adjustment I had to make moving in and living in a dog-dominated environment.

My cat, Pan made the switch better than I did. I was so worried about her reactions that I gave no thought to mine. As a result, these dogs drive me nuts. They eat cat food like candy. I have never seen dogs scoff down a bowl of Nine Lives faster and more ravenous than these two canines…

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