Life with Weebles-Take 4- The Dance

Truths by Ruth

greg 1

Not many of you know but Weebles didn’t always wobble. Nope. When I first met him he was an agile black belt Judo instructor at the Air Force base in Little Rock, Arkansas. Believe it or not he’s also an actor; mostly musicals. Oliver. Oklahoma. Annie Get Your Gun. Fiddler on the Roof and My Fair Lady to name a few. In My Fair Lady he played the role of Pickering. Blew my mind. Not only did he have to dance but sing a solo as well. I don’t know how many of you have ever auditioned for a musical but a big part of one is dancing. I hate that part. I can sing. I can act. But dance? Nope. I have two left feet, and I can never remember the routines even though we rehearse until we’re ready to scream. Weebles didn’t like the dancing part either, but…

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